Welcome to Running Wild

Running Wild is a Southern Moreton Bay Islands based not-for-profit, focused on providing social services for our community. We exist to support individuals and other local organisations, together helping to create a positive community for all.

Tired of hearing negative talk about young people on the islands – “haven’t they got anything better to do”, “why don’t they go fishing or something” and “in my day”, Running Wild was founded in 2013 to highlight a positive youth profile in our community.

Since then, programs have expanded to support families, the long-term unemployed, and other people in need, through direct programs as well as the creation of social enterprises designed to build a circular economy for our islands. We believe we achieve our best results working with other community organisations to make change happen together.

Rally around the Running Wild revival!

As you may be aware, Running Wild has never had access to core government funding to deliver support services to our community and much of our support has been offered voluntarily or by successfully delivering grant programs since 2015.  Whilst we have been very successful in facilitating high quality programs in our community, we have always been just one unsuccessful grant away from reducing our scope of work. 

It is with a heavy heart that we have reached this unfortunate milestone in July 2022 and now must reduce our services whilst we continue to apply for funding and advocate for change.

Find out here what you can do to help.