Rally around the Running Wild revival!

As you may be aware, Running Wild has never had access to core government funding to deliver support services to our community and much of our support has been offered voluntarily or by successfully delivering grant programs since 2015.  Whilst we have been very successful in facilitating high quality programs in our community, we have always been just one unsuccessful grant away from reducing our scope of work. 

With a heavy heart that we reached an unfortunate milestone in July 2022 and had to reduce our services whilst we continue to apply for funding and advocate for change. 

What you can do to help

It sucks, but money talks! Even a few dollars helps. Any money donated is kept aside in our charity bank account, separate from government grant funding, and can only be used to help Running Wild achieve its core purpose – providing social services for our islands. Examples are covering staff costs for volunteering in crisis response out of hours, running our free school holiday programs, offering food relief services or even just paying our bills so our door is always open for people in need.

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Write to our SMBI government representatives and Redlands Council

Please write to our local government representatives to show your support for Running Wild:

We will be uploading letter templates here for you to copy shortly.

Join us for some civil disobedience fun!

We will also be organising a civil disobedience event coming to Macleay at a location to be advised – watch our Facebook page for updates https://www.facebook.com/YouthConservationCulture

Why do Running Wild urgently need help?

Some Q&A content to explain this in more detail will be up on this page and our Facebook page soon.