Dianella caerulea

Jandai name: Ngimbun

Where to buy locally

Indigiscapes Native Nursery

Paten Park Native Nursery

Additional cultivation notes

Lovely blue and yellow flowers September-November. Long-lived species and does not require much maintenance. Frost tolerant and prefers dry conditions. Good as a border plant.

Additional uses

Host plant for the larvae of the Large Dingy Skipper Toxidia peron. Roots also reported as edible.


Pistachio cake with Blue Flax Lily Berries: https://www.johnnyskitchen.us/fine-dining/pistachio-cake-with-peaches-blue-flax-lily.html

Dinky Dianella Cocktail: http://www.cocktailsandbars.com/dinky-dianella-australia-day-cocktail/