We have established a new social enterprise on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands – Running Wild Outdoors offers inclusive ecotourism and nature-based experiences, such as native flora and wildlife walking and kayaking tours.

Two cohorts, each of six people with disabilities from across the four islands, were recruited for a paid, 20-week part-time cadetship to design and pilot these experiences.

Alongside this, cadets worked on conservation projects around the islands learning about, and raising awareness of, our precious natural environment. These included:

  • Installing & maintaining Ocean Watch fishing tackle waste collection bins
  • Working with Tangaroa Blue, to enter the marine debris collected into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database
  • Maintaining a native species nursery, propagating from seeds and cuttings at Conservation Corner
  • Helping establish and maintain a native food forest on Karragarra
  • Participating in native species habitat cataloguing, and other citizen-science based wildlife surveys

Cadets gained essential work-readiness skills, as well as statements of attainment for introductory conservation and tourism modules that will count towards future study, and prepare them for future employment.

A key tenet of the program was the cadet’s opportunity to interact with potential local employers, as well as the wider community on projects, all the time challenging perceived barriers to employment with actions not words.

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This program is proudly funded and supported by the Australian Government, as part of the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building, Economic Participation Grant Program.